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Tuesday, 16 September 2008
Mood:  special
Now Playing: How the politicians can kill you by legal power

How to destroy a human beingCoolInnocentSurprised

How the politicians can kill you  by legal power

I was called to the local police station the second time, a couple of days ago.
Both times because of  my e-mails, that I wrote in the last years to a lot of
addresses , asking for help. This is almost the only answer to my numerous
proofs of  the facts, that  I try to explain all the time. They show without
any doubt that the Croatian Government took everything away from me –
beside my property and family, also all the documents that prove that I exist
and am right. . ( certificates of schooling, all documents about my work in
Croatia and of the undertaking I owned at that time, and more). The documents
are probably still at the Croatian court and Police, and I don't see a way
anymore to get them back. The conflict with the Croatian Government is going on
for 14 years.
Without all the documents I am not able even to try starting a normal life in
Slovenija, where I live now ( or anywhere else). I can practically do anything
more now. And I have tried everything… I asked the Croatian Government to
settle the problem, other institutions  there too, the President of EC, European
comissionars , politicians, lawers, Interpol, even President Bush and a number
of other different organizations.

Whoever has read my letters in the net knows, in what need I am now and what are
my charges against Croatia.
O don't ask anything impossible. I' only asking for my documents and at least a
part of the money which should I get already years ago. I only want them to
enable me to survive the next few years. I'm only a shaddow of the man I used
to be and have a load of deabts. I had to borrow money for medical treatments,
lawers and other things relating to the conflict with Croatian Government.

Franjo Egri


1.        My charge against some Croatian individuals ( who ruined me physically and
psychically, using their political power). The charge has been present for
almost three years now, no answer from any competent European institution  and
Interpol yet.

SLOVENIA,   04.03.2008

Strasbourg, 09.11.2005 ---------
Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 -------------

As an EU citizien I`m fileing charges for:

1. Attempted murder (which is going on for 11 years),-14 years !!!

2. Torture and stealing all of the human rights (11 years),-14 years !!!

against present and former leaders of Croatia.

I place the charges to this institution with a request to send it to public
prosecuters of the members of EU.

I`m stating the accused person:

1. Mr. Stjepan Mesic - president of Croatia,
2. Mr. Mladen Bajic - state I.,
3. Mr. Ivo Sanader -prime minister,
4. Mr. Nikica Valentic - ex prime min.,
5. Mr. Bozo Prka - ex. minister

Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 - SLOVENIA 04. 03. 2008

Franjo Egri

Posted by feniks13 at 8:07 PM EDT

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