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Monday, 22 September 2008
Now Playing: feniks13
Prologue to the book SLEEPY HEART


This book is dedicated to all the people, who have hidden their kidness somewhere deep in their hearts trying this way to escape from the cruelties of this society which is on the brink of ruin.

It is designed for all the young people and the ones who are young in their mind and heart and who want to change this world to a better one.

And it is designed for all the politicians in this world, for the churchmen of all religions, who do not want to accept that the material goods are not only their privilege. Every person has the right to live a normal life, to live in peace and surrounded with love. The true love, which comes out of the heart and which can be spread all over the world. Only love can save the world from apocalypse. Politicians and priests guide us to the apocaypse by ruling with closed hearts , only thinking of their own benefit.

Looking around we can see that the world already is commetcialized, materialized and restricted. Every political speech is a disguise. And where are we, where are all the common people? Have we really hidden all the good things and love in us deep in our hearts because we do not dare to show them, fearing the sanctions of the authorities ? Will the future, if there is any future at all , change our hearts in bank accounts??

Noone will take anything with him after passing away. Why do some people think that they need so much and others die because of hunger?

Ask your heart and you will get the right answer. Awaken your heart to life and you will wake up the ones of your neighbours, co-workers , friends. By opening your heart the hapiness will enter into their hearts too. You will see the smile on their faces, the day will be brighter and the night warmer. Don't pass by when you see someone struggling for life or someone with other problems. Knock at the hearts and they will open. If we all try to open our own hearts and knock to the ones of the politicians and churchmen, their hearts might open too one day. They might stop thinking only about money , authority and their own benefits.

Revolution? Yes. Spiritual revolution, which can save the world from apocalypse. Everything is in our hearts, we just have to awake them with positive thoughts and good deeds. Doing so, we would be already now safe from apocalypse and all the other catastrophies in the world . What does YOUR heart say?!?

Posted by feniks13 at 10:34 AM EDT

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