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Saturday, 20 December 2008
Now Playing: Croatian politicians are threatening to kill my daughter
Application for help and support Croatian politicians are threatening to kill my daughter I have been fighting for justice and normal life for 14 years. I am waiting for the Croatian institutions to do their duty, in the spirit of democratic and human rights. I have lost 14 years in search for my documents. I got nothing what I applied for. The last thing they did was that they cancelled my Law suit in which I was suing them for damages. They cancelled my address. I am getting mail from all the world to my support. You may contact me through my postal drawer address. The Croation institutions only send me promises or threats. What have I done ?Like any normal person, I abstain from illegal actions in order to protect my family, in order to assure our future. Since 1994, when I was arrested after the death of Croation minister of Finance, I have tried every legal action . My third lawsuit is in progress. I have been on strike, I have written lots of letters,.. I must be a burden to everybody receiving those letters. Sometimes I get an answer, that they are sorry, but they can not help me. Croatia sends promises or is silent. Croatioa does not follow international democratic conventions on human rights, does not obey the Law either international or their own. All Croation institutions have all my documents copied and media as well. You can get more information on my website. http: I can see now that I can not expect any justice from Croatia. I am only looking for what belongs to me - to live a normal life, to provide for my daughter. I wrote a letter to President Mesich and Premier Sanader that I was comiong to Croatia. I only received a threat to kill my daughter. I am just asking you for help. Please, send my letter to all the world. I am ready to sell my body organs like my heart, my kidneys, my liver, my lungs. I am in serious debt due to 14year long search of justice, and I would like to pay back. I wanted payment of my money from the Croatian president. I could also disclose secret documents and names of 70 Croatian politicians who were stealing money from the State of Croatia during the war and after it. Their answer was a telephone call saying: » If you do not stop, your daughter will be killed.« The first threat was in 1996 which caused my departure from Croatia and consequently my daughter is now growing up without her father. If I go to Croatia, I may be killed. Help me, please. I am much obliged to those who will support me in my efforts. Yours sincerely, Franjo Egri

Posted by feniks13 at 5:51 PM EST

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