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Thursday, 26 November 2009
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My final request for your help !!!

After so many years of search of justice and writing letters and e-mails to all available addresses I have probably become  a nuissance.

This is my last appeal for your help. After 15 years of waiting for Croatian Government to fulfill their oblogations in connection with my rights, I have reached the end of my power.

From 1994 to 2006 I was bereft of my identity documents, medical insurance, of employment and work possibilities. I have already spent all of my savings and made €60 thousand debt in order to cure cancer. Since 2006 I have been registered with municipal community of Capodistria, Slovenia and  only then  I got a possibility to live and work as a normal citizen. Alas, I am 56 years old  (too old for Slovenian employers). I have no possibility of getting retired , as I can not get any legal document from Croatia, I can not get any damages from the Croatian Government. It does not pay attention to its own contract and authorisations which  I had previously received from the Ministry of Finance.

The successor of the late Minister (who had given me the  authorisations), publicly announced in the papers that I had nothing to claim. This way he disabled any posibilty of getting damages from the Government and of legal proceedings of any kind. The same man holds the position of President  of Managerial Board of Privredna Banka Zagreb. After I had announced that I would reveal my documents to the press they threatened to kill my 13-year daughter. Due to these threats I emigrated from Croatia to Slovenia in 1996. My daughter does not know her father (she was ten months then).

My law suit for damages in Zagreb was cancelled as I got their note due to my and/or my lawyers non-appearance at the court. I can get all my mail from Strassbourg, Geneve, Croatia, Brussels,.. Everybody but the Court knows my a ddress telephone number, my e-mail in Slovenia!  Their message did not reach me. I presented a proof  to Croatian Government that no supina to the Court had been sent to me. All for nothing. I have received no further reply from them.
Is this state terrorism or what? They (Croatian Government and its politicians) have been killing me physically and psychically ever since. I repeatedly presented  my suit to The Law Court of Strassbourg on October 25, 2009. I am requesting for your help with my Law-suit to World Bank the ICSID Secretariat which considers such Law suits. I am asking you o send an urgent message to Croatian Government Prime Minister, Mrs. Jadranka Kosor.
I only have one life. I have nothing to lose anymore. If the politicians do not want to obey Law or respect a human life, a life of an adolescent girl is in danger. What happens if human life is not respected by the Government which should be a raw model for the younger generation? If I do not get understanding from your part, I have nothing more to expect from life . I would like to leave something to my daughter. I would like to repay my debts. If I do not get help in a lawful way, I will have to take Law in my own hands. I am only asking for what belongs to me, form y legal rights.
I am thankful to you who have read my final Request for help.
Thank you for your urgent message to Croatian Government Prime Minister, Mrs. Jadranka Kosor. My 13-year daughter, who does not know me,  thanks you. She does not know me due to Croatian politicians. Iwish you a merry Christmass and a Happy new year.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,                                                 
                            25. 11. 2009.

Franjo Egri

Obala 114
6320 Lucija

SLOVENIA, 25. 10. 2009.!!!!!
SLOVENIA, 04.03.2008-17.11.2008.

Strasbourg, 09.11.2005 ---------
Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 -------------

As an EU citizien I`m fileing charges for:

1. Attempted murder (which is going on for 11 years),-15 years !!!

2. Torture and... stealing all of the human rights (11
years),-15 years !!!

against present and former leaders of Croatia.

I place the charges to this institution with a request to
send it to public prosecuters of the members of EU.

I`m stating the accused person:

1. Mr. Stjepan Mesic - president of Croatia,
2. Mr. Mladen Bajic - state I.,
3. Mr. Ivo Sanader -prime minister-ex,
4. Mr. Nikica Valentic - ex prime min.,
5. Mr. Bozo Prka - ex. minister

Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 - SLOVENIA 04. 03. 2008

Franjo Egri
25. 10. 2009.

Application for help and support

Croatian politicians are threatening to kill my daughter

I have been fighting for justice and normal life for 15 years. I am waiting for
the Croatian institutions to do their duty, in the spirit of democratic and
human rights. I have lost 15 years in search for my documents. I got nothing
what I applied for. The last thing they did was that they cancelled my Law suit
in which I was suing them for damages. They cancelled my address. I am getting
mail from all the world to my support. You may contact me through my postal
drawer address. The Croation institutions only send me promises or threats.
What have I done ?Like any normal person, I abstain from illegal actions in
order to protect my family, in order to assure our future. Since 1994, when I
was arrested after the death of Croation minister of Finance, I have tried
every legal action . My third lawsuit is in progress. I have been on strike, I
have written lots of letters,.. I must be a burden to everybody receiving those
letters. Sometimes I get an answer, that they are sorry, but they can not help
me. Croatia sends promises or is silent. Croatioa does not follow international
democratic conventions on human rights, does not obey the Law either
international or their own. All Croation institutions have all my documents
copied and media as well. You can get more information on my website. http: I can see now that I can not expect any justice from
Croatia. I am only looking for what belongs to me - to live a normal life, to
provide for my daughter. I wrote a letter to President Mesich and Premier
Sanader that I was comiong to Croatia. I only received a threat to kill my
daughter. I am just asking you for help. Please, send my letter to all the
world. I am ready to sell my body organs like my heart, my kidneys, my liver,
my lungs. I am in serious debt due to 15year long search of justice, and I
would like to pay back. I wanted payment of my money from the Croatian
president. I could also disclose secret documents and names of 70 Croatian
politicians who were stealing money from the State of Croatia during the war
and after it. Their answer was a telephone call saying: » If you do not
stop, your daughter will be killed.« The first threat was in 1996 which
caused my departure from Croatia and consequently my daughter is now growing up
without her father. If I go to Croatia, I may be killed. Help me, please. I am
much obliged to those who will support me in my efforts.

Yours sincerely,
Franjo Egri

How to destroy a human being

How the politicians can kill you by legal power

I was called to the local police station the second time, a
couple of days ago. Both times because of my e-mails, that I
wrote in the last years to a lot of addresses , asking for
help. This is almost the only answer to my numerous proofs of
the facts, that I try to explain all the time. They show
without any doubt that the Croatian Government took
everything away from me – beside my property and
family, also all the documents that prove that I exist and am
right. . ( certificates of schooling, all documents about my
work in Croatia and of the undertaking I owned at that time,
and more). The documents are probably still at the Croatian
court and Police, and I don't see a way anymore to get them
back. The conflict with the Croatian Government is going on
for 15 years. Without all the documents I am not able even to
try starting a normal life in Slovenija, where I live now (
or anywhere else). I can practically do anything more now.
And I have tried everything… I asked the Croatian
Government to settle the problem, other institutions there
too, the President of EC, European comissionars ,
politicians, lawers, Interpol, even President Bush and a
number of other different organizations.

Whoever has read my letters in the net knows, in what need I
am now and what are my charges against Croatia. O don't ask
anything impossible. I' only asking for my documents and at
least a part of the money which should I get already years
ago. I only want them to enable me to survive the next few
years. I'm only a shaddow of the man I used to be and have a
load of deabts. I had to borrow money for medical treatments,
lawers and other things relating to the conflict with
Croatian Government.
Franjo Egri

Posted by feniks13 at 4:53 PM EST

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