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Monday, 17 May 2010
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Dear Sir/Madam,

Franjo Egri,Portorose, Slovenia is informing you that I am
going to begin hunger strike on May 17, 2010 in front Of EU Parliament and
Council of EU in Strassbourg. All documents in this connecction are available
on website: - HELP WANTED. I will alsosubmit
all of them to EU institutions and Europol and Interpol, about my last strike.

Either justice, Law and human rights win, or I will die in view of everyone, who
is getting my letters and urgent requests. Some peopple have offered me help to
go with me on strike. I am only asking for financial help, as I have funded my
fight with a few friends so far. I am not rich as Rockfeller, but even he would
have lost his wealth if he sought help from Croatian Government.

If everyonecontributed, I would endure. EU Council helped me in 1999
and 2005. I think the strike will last a week or two at most if there is no
more time. When the Croatian Government has used all means to disable me. Thy
have been doing just that for 16 years, and more: they have been threatening
mine and my daughter*s life. The Police have informrd me that Iam wanted
internationally due to my threats to Croatian politics. I am only looking for
th money which I invested years ago, legal procedureand written Cancellation of
Contract and Authorization.

The Croatian Government does not follow the Law, threatens me and my child,
disables Damage Law Suit in Zagreb saying, that I was not present at Court,
when they summoned me. I have a written confirmation from the Post Office,
where I get my mail, that there was no invitation to Court.

If the Croatian Government does not respond to EU Institutions requests, I am
asking what are they like? This is a terroprist government who uses Police,
Courts and other methods to intimidate people. This Government is in
negotiations with the EU Institutions for the entry to EU. This Government does
not respect Law or human lives.

If I am not wrong, and European Institutions tell me I am not, The EU
Commission, EU Parliament and EU COuncil will enact and my matter will be
legally concluded. Is any Croation politician going to end in prison due to the
documents I am going to submit? There are too muct corruption, money laundryand
other criminal acts in Croatia, who wants to be member of EU.

I am a citizen of Slovenia and EU, 57 years old, I have nothing left  to lose,
except life. If I do, I will commit suicide in front of EU Parliament. It is
not in my hands, but in yours, EU politicians. If the Croatian Government
started inernational procedures against me, i am looking for political Asylum
in all European countries due to threats on my life and that of my daughter.

I appretiate your help and support, and wish you all well,

Franjo Egri
                   17. 05. 2010.


Strasbourg - 17. 05. 2010.


Strasbourg, 09.11.2005 ---------

Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 -------------

As an EU citizien I`m fileing charges for:

1. Attempted murder (which is going on for 11 years),-16 years !!!

2. Torture and... stealing all of the human rights (11

years),-16 years ...!!!

against present and former leaders of Croatia.

I place the charges to this institution with a request to

send it to public prosecuters of the members of EU.

I`m stating the accused person:

1. Mrs Jadranka Kosor - prime minister Croatian Government,

2. Mr. Stjepan Mesic -ex president of Croatia,

3. Mr. Mladen Bajic - state I.,

4. Mr. Ivo Sanader -ex prime minister,

5. Mr. Nikica Valentic - ex prime min.,

6. Mr. Bozo Prka - ex. minister -presidente Privredna Banka Zagreb/group Intesa

Strasbourg, 08.11.2005 - SLOVENIA 04. 03. 2008

SLOVENIA, 25. 10. 2009.

Strasbourg-Slovenia 22. 02. 2010.  -  17. 05. 2010.

Franjo Egri - HELP WANTED

Posted by feniks13 at 7:59 AM EDT

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